Locations for Popular State-Related

Services Throughout Pennsylvania 

How to use these maps?

1.       Select the compass icon on the bottom left corner of the map to zoom into your neighborhood to see commonwealth-related services near you. If your location services are turned off on your device, you can enter an address in the search bar.
2.     Toggle any group below the search bar (on mobile it is the layer button under the search symbol) to see or hide certain locations. 
3.      Select any point to learn more about a location or get directions to it. 
 TIP: If you plan to visit a location, first check its corresponding website for available services and hours of operation. 


Use this map to find the location of popular state-related services and resources in your community. 

View Pennsylvania Regions and Trails

Use this map to view state trails and regions for popular services.
What's on the maps? 
The maps are an inventory of popular state-related services and resources available throughout Pennsylvania. Locations are regularly updated through Pennsylvania's Open Data Portal  with the help from the state agencies that oversee or are associated with each service or resource.
Help us improve these maps by sharing with us the type of state-related locators you would like to see featured on this map.  Submit ideas here
Find Services Near You Map
  • Lottery & Tax Services - View Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Office Locations to get tax-related services and find Pennsylvania Lottery Offices. 
  • Safety & Transportation - View Pennsylvania Sate Police barrack locations. Department of Environmental Protection offices for reporting environmental concerns, PennDOT Park and Ride locations, rest stops along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and driver services and photo centers. 
  • Recreation & History - View Pennsylvania historical markers, hunting license outlets, and state parks and trailheads. 
  • Health & Education - View Pennsylvania child care providers, education entities, licensed personal care home, nursing homes, state health centers, veterans homes, medical marijuana dispensaries, area agencies on aging, County Drug and Alcohol Offices, Drug Take Back Boxes and early learning resource centers.
  • Employment & Social Services - View Pennsylvania county assistance offices and CareerLink offices. 
Pennsylvania Regions and Trails Map
  • State Trails - shows the trail line and a brief description
  • State Parks
  • Medical Marijuana Regions
  • Environmental Protection Regions
  • Spotted Lanternfly - Quarantine and Infestation levels by county
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