Promote access to good-paying jobs for all Pennsylvanians

"Being inclusive, being fair, and paying good wages are not just the right things to do, they are the smart things to do. And that is how we are going to grow the economy."
-Governor Tom Wolf

Why is this goal important?

To rebuild the middle class, Pennsylvania needs jobs that sustain families and strengthen communities. Good-paying jobs are a win-win for workers and the economy. They provide hardworking Pennsylvanians with more income to buy what they need, which means more dollars spent at local businesses. 

What are we working on to reach this goal?

Governor Wolf believes that the commonwealth can partner with the private sector to promote robust economic growth, create and retain good jobs, and strengthen the middle class. The governor has turned around Pennsylvania’s economy, improving Pennsylvania’s business climate ranking more than any other state since 2014. Commonwealth investments in projects like the Shell cracker plant in Western Pennsylvania and the Port of Philadelphia are on track to create 15,000 jobs. Governor Wolf has also taken steps to modernize Pennsylvania's overtime rules, which will extend overtime eligibility to up to 460,000 workers over four years. The governor continues to fight for an increase in Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. In his 2020-21 budget proposal, he calls for raising the minimum wage to $12 per hour on July 1, 2020, with annual increases thereafter until the wage reaches $15 per hour in 2026. Governor Wolf took action to address the gender pay gap by ending the practice of state agencies requiring a job applicant to provide salary history during the hiring process. In support of Governor Wolf’s commitment to closing the gender pay gap, the Pennsylvania Commission for Women launched a statewide series of salary negotiation workshops for women.  Governor Wolf has also signed House Bill 1172, now Act 41 of 2019, improving occupational licensing portability for individuals joining Pennsylvania’s workforce from other states - one of many licensing reforms he first announced in 2018.

How are we doing?

The dashboard below presents several key measures aligned to Governor Wolf's job creation goal, as well as national and state benchmarks for comparison.

Related Measures

Average Weekly Wages

The chart below shows the average weekly wages paid by Pennsylvania employers across all industries in 2016 and 2017. Use the drop-down menus to explore average weekly wages in specific industries and counties. Click on "View Source Data" for more information on the types of compensation included in this measure. 

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