Digital Skills in Pennsylvania

Find or share classes to learn how to use computers and mobile devices. 
Read about a statewide vision to ensure all Pennsylvanians can use technology and the internet. 
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The data on this map is self-reported by organizations who provide digital skill trainings. 

Digital Skills Classes Available

All Pennsylvanians need to know how to use internet connected computer technology and devices to fully participate in work, education, and civic and social life. Organizations around Pennsylvania offer classes that are designed to empower people to learn and continue to grow digital skills to advance their work, career, and life.   
The map above has two purposes: 
  1. Find low-cost or free classes and trainings to improve adult digital skills.
  2. See at the state level where there is a need to prioritize offering more classes or a wider variety of digital skill class offerings.  
These classes and trainings are for anyone who: 
  • Has trouble finding information online.
  • Has a hard time knowing what to trust online.
  • Wants to learn how to send or post information online.
  • Wants to communicate better using cell phones, apps, the Internet, and other newer communication technology.
  • Feels stuck trying to learn how to use digital devices and new technology at work, at home, or out & about, without help.
This map is for:
  • Anyone looking for trainings for themselves, or for their friends, family, colleagues, or employees. 
  • Digital navigators (staff at libraries, education programs, CareerLink and other helping organizations) to assist Pennsylvanians in finding digital skills courses that will meet their needs. 

Statewide Opportunities for Online Digital Skills

In addition to the classes and services offered by local training providers on the map above, Pennsylvanians can access statewide digital skills training resources online:
  • SkillUp™ PA provides access to no-cost online job skills training to Pennsylvanians. SkillUp™ PA helps to strengthen job skills to compete in the current employment market. The portal is a flexible, self-directed, web-based online learning service that offers over 6,000 courses for job seekers to manage and improve their employment skills. Users can browse the course catalog and select classes to prepare for industry-recognized credentials and enhance digital skills.
  • POWER Library provides no-cost online resources that can be a part of digital skill learning and development.  Pennsylvanians can register for an e-card or use a local public library card to access resources on the POWER Library platform.  Find databases and e-books to help with improving digital skills at all levels.  Users will find technology books and media literacy content in EBSCO E-books, Gale E-books, and Cybersmarts.  Short online videos are available through the PA Online Learning platform.

For Organizations Who Provide Digital Skills Training

Organizations who host and provide classes can update this map monthly. 
If your organization offers low-cost or free digital skills classes or tutoring for Pennsylvanians, please complete the form.   
Use the form to request to add, edit, or delete your organization’s program information or entry on the map.  Complete the form one time for each digital skill class or program your organization offers. 
The form data is reviewed on a regular basis so that monthly updates to the map can be made.

Background: Pennsylvania Digital Skills Plan

The Digital Skills Training Provider map was developed as one outcome of the National Governors Association Workforce Innovation Network program in collaboration with staff at the Governor's Policy Office, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Labor & Industry, Department of Community and Economic Development, and Team Pennsylvania. 
The plan includes a vision for all Pennsylvanians to have abilities needed to fully, safely, and responsibly participate in a society reliant on digital technology and the Internet, a glossary of definitions to ensure there is a standard vocabulary, a digital skills competency framework, policy recommendation, and a state policy framework to guide future work.
The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority is engaged in ongoing work with the team who created the plan intended for statewide implementation.