Opioid-use disorder is a disease, not a moral failing. Opioids, prescribed or illegal, can change the brain's chemistry creating dependence. Through the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and Prescribing Guidelines, we are working to prevent the disorder.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)
To help prevent prescription drug abuse and protect the health and safety of our community, Pennsylvania's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) collects information on all filled prescriptions for controlled substances. This information helps health care providers safely prescribe controlled substances and helps patients get the treatment they need. Visit the PDMP websiteto learn more about the program and to register. 

Opioid Dispensations
An opioid dispensation is any prescription filled and provided to a patient by a pharmacy, including a new prescription or a refill of an existing prescription. This dataset provides quarterly county- and state-level counts and population-based rates for all opioid dispensations, excluding buprenorphine, which is reported separately.

Drug Take-Back Boxes
Throughout the state, there are drug take-back locations. They are easy, convenient locations where anyone can dispose of their unused, expired or unwanted prescriptions.
Opioid Seizures and Arrests
Opioid seizures and arrest-related incidents refer to the number of seizures of a particular drug by the Pennsylvania State Police only.  
Learn more on the amount of opioids seized by the Pennsylvania Sate Police. 

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