PA Transportation Projects

Pennsylvania Picture of a Bridge for Construction Projects

Construction Projects

Follow the link to PennDOT Construction Project website, designed to provide you with an informational portal for learning about and viewing current projects on Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges this construction season. This application allows you to map and obtain information on roadwork projects in your community. For project details such as planned traffic impacts or detours, check the applicable district’s news announcements.
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Four & Twelve Year Plans

The State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) and the TIP are the first four years of the Twelve Year Program (TYP), which outline the multimodal transportation improvements spanning a four year period. The STIP includes 23 individual TIPs representing the MPOs and RPOs.  Federal law requires TIPs to be updated at least every three years. PennDOT’s planning partners, both Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations - Talk PA Transportation, develop a TIP and solicit public involvement per each MPO/RPO Public Participation Plan.
Access Four & Twelve Year Plans projects page here : Four & Twelve Year Plans
Pennsylvania Picture of Road Construction for 4 and 12 Year Plans
Pennsylvania Bridge Construction Picture

Bridge Conditions

 Pennsylvania has the third-largest number of bridges in the nation, with more than 25,400 state-owned highway bridges greater than or equal to 8' in length. The average age of bridges on the state system is over 50 years old.
PennDOT conducts approximately 18,000 inspections each year on the state-owned highway bridges. Inspection intervals are set based on each bridge’s condition ratings and several other criteria. These intervals typically range from 6 months up to a maximum of 48 months. PennDOT has oversight responsibility of 6,600 locally owned bridges greater than 20' in length, including monitoring to ensure they are inspected timely, that reports are provided to the local bridge owner, and to collaborate with the bridge owner on any required work where necessary.
More information on bridge safety inspections, plans and specifications, and more is on our department Bridges page.
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PennDOT One Map

This map represents the Transportation Improvement Plan, the next four years of planned road and bridge work in the commonwealth. The starter map allows for the coordination of road and bridge work with other efforts such as utility coordination, highway occupancy permit coordination, as well as coordinating planning with local governments and planning agencies.
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Pennsylvania Transportation Improvement Plan Map