Office of Administration

Governor's Executive Budget Program Measures

Overall customer satisfaction (HR and IT combined)
After the Office of Administration’s implementation of the HR and IT Shared Services initiative, OA began surveying its customer agencies on an annual basis to determine their level of satisfaction with the services provided by their delivery centers. This measure shows the level of customer satisfaction with both HR capability and IT capability to support agency missions, objectives, and overall relationship.
Business and IT project portfolio health
Overall business and IT project health is an indicator of health across three critical measures of project quality: Scope, Schedule, and Budget. Business and IT projects are categorized as red, yellow, or green, based on meeting planned completion milestones. Risks or issues identified during a project result in a red or yellow designation based on severity of impact to project Scope, Schedule, or Budget. This data represents the percentage of projects within the total project portfolio that are green by overall project health.
Security awareness web-based training completion
Cybersecurity awareness is an essential component in protecting the commonwealth’s data. Every year the Office for Information Technology administers cybersecurity awareness training to commonwealth employees and contractors. This data represents the number of commonwealth employees and contractors that completed the annual security awareness training compared to the total number of commonwealth employees and contractors as a percentage.
Time to hire (days)
Timely hiring of necessary positions within the commonwealth’s workforce enables uninterrupted service delivery to PA’s residents. This data* measures the average number of calendar days between an agency’s request to fill a position and the date on which an offer is made. *Excludes corrections officer trainees and State Police cadet classes. 
Transactions processed by the HR Service Center
The HR Service Center (HRSC) provides common human resources, benefits and payroll services, and information to employees and agencies under the governor’s jurisdiction. The HRSC is responsible for new employee onboarding and orientation, as well as managing the commonwealth employee financial disclosure requirements. The HRSC continues to expand its footprint by consolidating additional operational functions like Workers' Compensation case management and handling inquiries from job applicants. Over time, an increasing number of transactional HR functions have moved into the Service Center. This measure shows the annual count of transactions processed by HRSC employees.