Liquor Control Board

Governor's Executive Budget Program Measures

PLCB wholesale & retail locations
Number of open and operational locations, including Fine Wine & Good Spirits retail stores, Licensee Service Center locations and an e-commerce fulfillment center. Updated as the PLCB opens and closes locations. Trend has remained within ± 10 of 600 locations.
Sale of goods (excluding liquor tax and sales taxes)
Total PLCB sales to all customers (retail and licensee), excluding liquor tax and sales taxes.  Gathered from PLCB’s fiscal-year-end financial statements. Typically estimated to trend upwards around 3%.
Total contributions from State Stores Fund (including liquor tax, sales taxes, and General Fund transfer)
Measures the total funds remitted annually from the State Stores Fund to the General Fund including liquor tax, sales taxes and the cash transfers to the General Fund.  Gathered from the PLCB’s fiscal-year-end financial statements. Trend is linked to sales growth and changes to fiscal year transfer amount.
Alcohol education grants awarded
Number of grants awarded to schools, community organizations, municipalities, law enforcement organizations, non-profit organizations, etc., for the purpose of funding programs that focus on proven strategies to discourage and reduce underage and dangerous drinking.  Reported by the Bureau of Alcohol education after the close of fiscal year. Trend had been within ± 10 of 60 grants awarded per biennial grant period but increased to 84 for the one-year grant cycle for fiscal year 2020-21.
Alcohol education grant money awarded
Dollars awarded to grant recipients during the fiscal year for the previous measure.  Trends within ± $200,000 of $1.2 million, but increased to $1.4 million in the fiscal year 2020-21 grant cycle. Measured and reported by the Bureau of Alcohol Education.
Owners/managers receiving Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) training
Total number of licensee owners and/or managers receiving RAMP training designed to educate those most responsible for determining daily operations and policies of the licensed establishment about responsible alcohol service and management.  This training is one of five components of RAMP certification. Typically trends upwards approximately 200-300 each fiscal year. Measured and reported by the Bureau of Alcohol Education.
Servers/sellers receiving RAMP training
Total number of licensee servers and/or sellers receiving RAMP training benefiting anyone who serves or sells alcoholic beverages and/or checks identification.  Trend has slowed to increases of approximately 4,000 each fiscal year. Measured and reported by the Bureau of Alcohol Education.
Establishments that are RAMP certified
Total number of licensees that have completed all five components to become RAMP-certified.  Trends upward approximately 70-90 establishments each fiscal year. Measured and reported by the Bureau of Alcohol Education.