DCED Funding

This graph shows funds allocated to the Dept. of Community and Economic Development (DCED) from the state’s General Fund, by year. This is part of the annual budget proposed by the Governor and altered or approved by the General Assembly. The three DCED programs highlighted—the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Manufacture PA, and Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance (PREP)—are central to fostering the Commonwealth’s entrepreneurial community and emerging technology companies, often providing necessary capital before the private market can feasibly be expected to step in.
Note re Small Business Assistance/PREP (red series): In FY 2011, Industrial Development Assistance Local Development Districts, Small Business Development Centers, and Industrial Resource Centers were consolidated into Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance (PREP).
Note re Manufacturing PA (green series): In FY 2017-18, the Manufacturing PA line item was created at $12M. That line includes the Industrial Resource Centers (IRCs). As a result of the IRCs being moved out of the PREP line item, coupled with the creation of a new program within the PREP line, the overall appropriation for PREP was reduced by $2M, but its programs were not negatively impacted.
Source: Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development